Water resources Engineering Management Department

The letter

Achieving an academic level characterized by sophistication and scientific standing for our department’s graduates and to be a useful element serving the country, bearing the bright scientific ideas with the intellectual and moral lofty provided by the department’s teachers to them, and achieving sustainable management of water resources in our country.

Future vision

The department seeks to develop scientific curricula in the field of Water Resources Engineering, in addition to completing all requirements for the department’s laboratories. Engineering consultancy through the participation of the engineering staff in the advisory office in the college for the development of the country. The department also seeks excellence and leadership in engineering education locally and regionally so that its graduates can provide the best services for their country in the field of water resources management with its comprehensive perspective, which includes planning, design, implementation and operation of water resources projects such as irrigation networks, drainage and field irrigation systems.

Department goals

The department aims to:
1. Prepare a specialized engineering staff to meet the state's need in terms of the optimal management of water resources.
2. Manage of engineering irrigation projects and control of water waste of all kinds (drinking water, irrigation water, use water).
3. Contribute to the dissemination of cultural awareness in the community to preserve water wealth and water sources with the least possible waste for the purpose of its permanence for future generations.
4. Provide expertise capable of absorbing modern knowledge and technologies and employing them for optimal employment.
5. Develop the ability to keep pace with global developments and deal with them efficiently and effectively.
6. For the student, his specialization in water resources management makes him have distinct skills and can overcome all the difficulties facing irrigation projects and develop appropriate solutions for them. The graduates of the water resources management specialization are also benefited from in the various ministries and state institutions that are concerned with the field of water resources, environment and agriculture in order to be complementary to the engineering staff in the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works.

Graduate Description

The graduate possesses distinguished skills in engineering management of irrigation projects, networks and water treatment plants for drinking and sewage, familiarity with environmental engineering (sanitary) and how to preserve water sources from pollution. The graduate also carry additional skills in the fields of engineering consultancy related to irrigation and land reclamation projects.

Master's Program in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

The general specialization of the master's program is (Engineering Water Resources and Environment), and this general specialization is divided into two sub-specialties: - (Environmental Engineering) and (Water Resources Engineering). The student is given the exact specialization according to the student’s specialization in his primary university studies and the optional courses that the master’s student will study in the preparatory year in addition to the subject of the thesis.

Purpose of the study

The graduate program aims to achieve the following:
1- Graduating specialized staffs in the field of water resources and environment engineering to support academic institutions and various executive organizations.
2- Attracting and encouraging top students in the majors of water resources engineering and environmental engineering to complete their higher university studies to create a solid scientific staff capable of contributing to planning and to open future horizons for Al-Qasim Green University.
3- To enhance the scientific status of the university and carry out applied research that will serve the community and solve the problems of pollution and water scarcity.
4- Working on crystallizing and deepening the correct inheritance between theoretical and applied sciences.
5- Planning and striving hard to work out appropriate and effective solutions to the problems expected to occur in the future.
6- Providing technical and material methods that ensure the practice of the activities of faculty members and scientific research.
7- Focus and guide students on choosing the best means to expand their activities and apply their scientific and professional specializations within the country's needs and directions.
8- Deepening communication with the state’s departments and its various institutions by providing services and scientific and technical consultations according to their need for them and working seriously on defining the topics of scientific theses, including the link of research with development requirements and developing appropriate solutions to the scientific and engineering problems facing the community, and they are determined after agreeing with them and announcing them to the students at an appropriate time by the university.

Reasons for creating the study

A: The labor market needs to provide it with a good specialized staff working to manage water resources and preserve them from pollution and waste.
B: Contribute to the development of studies in the field of water resources and environment engineering and openness to the world.
A: Contribute headed for solving the technical problems facing the water resources sector.

Academic Program and Course Description Guide 2023-2024

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Contact Us

For inquiries, you can contact the department head via the official email: dep_WRME@wrec.uoqasim.edu.iq