ٍSpecializations of College of Engineering

The graduate possesses distinguished skills in engineering management of irrigation projects, networks and water treatment plants for drinking and sewage, familiarity with environmental engineering (sanitary) and how to preserve water sources from pollution. The graduate also carry additional skills in the fields of engineering consultancy related to irrigation and land reclamation projects.

Job description

1. Manage, design, develop and establish construction projects in a safe and timely manner.
2. Conducting technical studies and feasibility studies and developing plans that meet technical specifications.
3. Conducting on-site investigations and analyzing data (maps, reports, tests, drawings, etc .).
4. Assess potential risks and identify materials and costs.
5. Providing engineering consultations and appropriate solutions to problems (building and construction, roads and bridges, hydraulic installations, water networks projects, sewage networks, water treatment plants and sewage).
6. Assess the needs of projects and the necessary materials for while analyzing problems and avoiding them in the future.
7. Standardization and quality control of various engineering materials that include building materials, water and additives and calibrated according to scientific standardization systems by conducting destructive and non-destructive tests of various materials in laboratories or at work sites.
8. Budget management and purchase of required equipment and materials.
9. Follow up on project and safety permits and supervise the application of all conditions.
10. Apply safety and environmental preservation rules.
11. Supervise quality control during the construction and production process. Monitor physical feedback during use and advise on inspection and maintenance procedures.