Dean Speech

Dear faculty members, staff, student and visitors, welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at Al-Qasim Green University.
The Faculty of Engineering is a fundamental pillar for the progress of society and the creation of a good citizen capable of advancing his country. It is no longer just a channel for the presentation of science and learning. Based on the vision of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, whose main concern is the development of the country by the hands of its promising youth and creative ideas, the College of Engineering has defined its vision and mission in line with its scientific history and inception since its establishment, where the College receives several students annually in the disciplines of civil engineering and water resources engineering. Modern learning, e-learning and distance education are also used during the Corona pandemic to create a creative and distinguished generation educationally and cognitively with creative skills capable of competing in the labour market. The College of Engineering seeks to help students achieve optimal benefit in civil engineering sciences and water resources management engineering in all bachelor's and master's programs in one of the important and pivotal colleges at Al-Qasim Green University. The College of Engineering is a place of creativity, innovation and discrimination, and its faculty members have an advanced level of scientific, practical and research experience, as they hold doctorate and master's degrees from local universities such as the University of Baghdad, Babylon and technology, and prestigious international universities such as UK, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Australia and others. Our college is characterized by the presence of specialized engineering laboratories that simulate the theoretical foundations and various engineering phenomena, which provides students, researchers and trainees with solid training and a real solid understanding of the applied knowledge aspect of the college departments, which helped the faculty members to complete much scientific research and publish it in sober international journals. The graduates of this college are distinguished by their performance and high experience for what they are exposed to during their studies of creative experiences.
We welcome you to the College of Engineering to work together to provide highly skilled graduates for our beloved country who can compete for job opportunities inside and outside Iraq, and I would also like to invite you to visit our page on the Internet and see the undergraduate programs for morning, evening and postgraduate studies in the various departments of the college.