College Targets and Future Vision

Future Vision

A distinguished engineering faculty academically and research-based at the national and regional levels, keeping pace with the development of the quality of education as a renewed community knowledge platform that contributes to the development of knowledge and supports the process of sustainable development.

College Mission

Providing distinguished education and applied scientific research that contributes to serving the local community, preparing qualified engineers to lead comprehensive sustainable development, rotating the wheel of creativity and innovation, and activating partnership with relevant local and international bodies to contribute to knowledge progress.


The College of Engineering aims to achieve the following objectives: -

1 - Providing distinguished educational services to train students scientifically, technically, intellectually and culturally in an integrated manner that is compatible with the requirements of the times and its variables and based on its technologies, and providing means of continuous development of those resources in a way that prepares them for active and distinguished participation in activating the wealth of society, achieving its growth and development and supporting its capabilities.

2 - Organized and effective participation in the development and development of the national and global knowledge balance by undertaking organized applied scientific research and technical development in accordance with the needs of society and the requirements of its economic, social, and cultural development, and contributes to increasing its competitiveness.

3 - Investing science and technology in the management of the college, developing cooperation relations and positive interaction between its elements, and integrating the concepts and mechanisms of continuous development and total quality in its organizational structure and work systems, in a way that provides a model to be followed in other faculties of the university.

4 - Maximizing the role of the college as a centre for education, education and enlightenment that radiates its scientific and intellectual contributions to various sectors of society.

5 - Providing and developing educational programs, research activities, training and advisory services in areas that are compatible with the requirements of sustainable development of society, meet the needs of the various labour market, support the competitiveness of the college, and keep pace with global scientific and technical developments.

6 - Providing the needs of the community of scientifically and professionally qualified graduates in the fields of competence of the college in continuous accordance with the levels of quality and excellence required by the beneficiaries.

7 - Qualifying and preparing its students to be able to compete with distinction to obtain job opportunities in government and private work institutions, foreign companies and organizations operating in the local market, in addition to qualifying and preparing its students to be able to compete with distinction in the Arab and foreign labour markets.

8 - Expanding e-learning and distance learning systems and models by investing in the capabilities of communication and information technologies to always reach recipients everywhere.

9 - Preparing to provide postgraduate opportunities and programs in its fields of competence to train and qualify academic scientific cadres and applied practitioners.

10 - Active participation in the movement of the local community and at the regional and international levels by providing scientific expertise and professional opinion on issues of public interest, and developing a high organizational capacity to organize conferences, seminars, workshops, and other types of distinguished and open public university work to society.

11 - The best selection, continuous development, and objective evaluation of faculty members, emphasizing the total quality in all their work, and achieving a balance between their contributions in the fields of teaching, scientific research, community services and extracurricular activities.